If it’s my first time at SoHo, what do I need to know?

1. ARRIVE EARLY. Connect with your teacher before class and take a moment to breathe. Keep in mind we have a strict five minute late policy to protect you and your yoga teacher. This means you will not be admitted to class five minutes after the scheduled start time.

2. BRING THE ESSENTIALS. Water, a mat, and your beautiful self are the only things you will need for class. Cellphones, food, gum and shoes must be kept outside of the studio. Pssst! We recommend giving yourself a few hours to digest before class.

3. BE PRESENT. Practice with the class as we are all on this journey together! Honor your body and take breaks when needed. Stay for the whole class, including Savasana. In the event you will be leaving early, please notify your instructor.

What if I can't make it to class?

No worries, we know life happens! All you have to do is take yourself out of the class through our app. If you are five minutes late or cancel less than 6 hours prior to class, members will be charged a late fee and non-members will lose the class.

  • Hermosa Beach Members: $15 fee

  • Hermosa Beach Introductory Special: $15 fee

  • DTLA Members: $5 fee

  • DTLA Introductory Special: $5 fee

  • Class-Pack Holders: loss of class

  • Drop-In Rate: loss of class

Is there a late policy?

In an effort to start class on time, our students safe, and our space zen, we have a strict late policy. Please keep in mind when classes are full and waitlisted, all online reservations are released 5 minutes prior to class and other students will be let in. Showing up 5 minutes late or canceling less than 6 hours prior to the start of class will result in the above fees or loss of class.

What if the class I want to take is full?

Good news! We always leave 2 spaces open for walk-ins. Come 30 minutes prior to class to snag a walk-in spot or put your name on the waitlist!

What is the minimum age to practice at SoHo?

The minimum age to practice in the heat is 15. For our non-heated classes, the minimum age is only 12!

Are there any membership policies I should be aware of?

We require any changes to be made 30 days before the next pay period. This includes cancelling and suspending your membership. This must be done in person at your home studio.

How hot are your heated classes?

Our heated classes are 95-105 degrees. In addition, we have radiant heating panels are safer and healthier than traditional forms of heat as they do not make any noise, rely on fossil fuels, or blow around dust and allergens. Our state of the art humidification system is always set to 55% to 65% humidity. The relative humidity makes it easier for us to process oxygen and is better for your practice than dry heat.

What if I forget my mat?

Don't. worry, we have EVERYTHING! Water, mats, mat towels, and shower towels are available at the front desk. Rentals cost $2 each and you can “check-in” on social media for one free item! Cold towels, with refreshing essential oils, are right outside the studio to enjoy after class. The locker rooms have beautiful showers that are stocked with organic shampoos, soaps, and various amenities. SoHo Yoga has anything you need to practice and everything you need to leave feeling fresh..