What is the minimum age to practice in the heat?

The minimum age to practice in the heat is 15.

When should I eat?

We recommend eating a light snack or meal, and giving yourself a few hours to digest before class. 

How about the minimum age for non-heated? 

For our non-heated juice-ness, that still gets warm from moving our bodies, the minimum age is 13. We offer a seeds class for our little yogis from 4 to 11 that pairs up with our heated class in Hermosa Beach.

Is there a late policy?

Yes. We have a five minute late policy in order to keep you and other students in class safe. Please keep in mind when classes are full and waitlisted, all online reservations are released 5 minutes before the start of class.  Plus taking a class without a warm up can cause some serious ouchies. No thank you!

Are there any membership policies I should be aware of?

As a member we have some policies regarding freezing/ cancellation/ any changes to your membership. We require 30 days in advance before your next payment and stopping by the studio in order to get everything squared away. Of